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Kony 2012

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Cause Marketing: Kony 2012


3.17.12 Update: As I was first supportive of this cause, I am now trying to figure out my thoughts. With the recent breakdown of the mastermind, Jason Russell masturbating in public and Uganda’s response has caused me to look into what made this such a powerful viral video. I’ll admit that Invisible Children’s brilliant Kony 2012 viral effort is a great example of cause marketing, but I guess that makes me a sucker for human rights (I’m OK with that). What makes this such a power video. First, outrage the viewer with crimes against humanity. Second, let a child’s moral values demonstrate that it’s still a crime against humanity. 2.5, make sure your child watches Star Wars, so they can compare evil villains. Third. Create an action.

As this powerful viral video pumps up your emotions while providing you a commutative feel-good rights effort, you feel like you can do a lot just by sharing. What makes this video so powerful is the action. The action is one of the most emotionally engaging parts of this viral video. Painting the town with wild posting Kony 2012 posters make this campaign one of the biggest user generated non-traditional efforts ever.

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Kony 2012, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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