IKEA Moving Day

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Ambient Marketing: IKEA Moving Day

IKEA in Quebec and Leo Burnett Toronto have won a North American Gold Effie for “Moving Day”, an experimental media campaign. This guerrilla marketing stunt conceived by Creative Officer Judy John & creative Group Head, David Federico, provided passerby’s with boxes for moving.

Concept: Finding boxes can be hard in the weeks leading up to Moving Day. IKEA provided branded boxes printed with moving tips, checklists, a dinner offer for those yet to set up their kitchens, and a discount offer for IKEA furniture. Boxes were posted all over Quebec hanging flat on wall. Once the boxes have been removed a messages was underneath telling people to keep coming back for more.

Ambient Marketing: IKEA Moving Day 3

14-foot pyramids of boxes were placed at giveaway sites around the city and at the Ikea store.

Results: This Ambient Marketing example had amazing results. Store traffic increased +14% from the same weekend the previous year. Sales increased by +24.5% compared to the previous year. The only variable in this year vs last was the Moving Day promotion. For Ikea, the sales increase from our ‘cardboard box’ was equivalent to building, stocking, and opening an additional 300,000 sq. foot store in that market.

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