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Guerrilla Marketing: Redbull’s Vending Machine Drive-Thru Elevator

First floor Guerrilla Marketing ideas, second floor Redbull, vending machines & amazing ideas! Well, Redbull has had quite a 2012, and to finish it off they came out this guerrilla marketing concept, “Redbull’s Vending Machine Drive-Thru Elevator..” experiment?

Why would Redbull do this? Well first they noticed that the consumption of energy drinks drank during the daytime keeps increasing every year. So where do you go to convince other day-drinkers of the benefits of having a Redbull? Answer: the office. By installing a vending machine via an elevator in a busy office building, Redbull was able to stop anyone on this elevator on the vending machine floor of can-o-energy. A sticker was also used for more of a personalized message. Compared to those terrible 5 hour energy ads (“that two o’clock feeling), Redbull was able to change the time of the stickers for each time of the day. And the best part was employees were able to access a Redbull vending machine without having to get out of the elevator.


The clever guerrilla marketing idea was produced by the advertising agency Loducca (who only has a Facebook page?).


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Redbull's Vending Machine Drive-Thru Elevator - Guerrilla Marketing, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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