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Guerrilla Marketing: Coke Rolls Out Happiness


Continuing their “Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola establishes another unconventional guerrilla marketing campaign “Roll Out Happiness” from ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.

Basis: Gray is boring, so let’s fill it with color.

Starting out with a truck rolling out grass turf in unexpected places, like a concrete square in the middle of a business district, filled the area with color. Thus a “pop-up park!” was created.

Passerby’s were able to kick of your shoes and relax while enjoying a cold Coca-Cola. In fact, the only way Coke was going to give you a free drink is by you taking off your shoes.

To help bring in color, Coke brought in benches, trees with guitars, rabbits & flying death disks (frisbees).. Whatever would put a smile on your face. And if none of that made you smile, the grass used was donated to a child’s care home making this pop-up park one of the Happiest parts of your day.

Guerrilla Marketing-Coca-Cola-roll-out-happiness-pop-up-park

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Coke Rolls Out Happiness - Guerrilla Marketing, 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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