Guerrilla Marketing: DHL Pranks UPS

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Guerrilla Marketing: DHL Pranks UPS

It’s amazing how competitive most corporations are. From the Audi Vs. BMW Billboard War to this prank between DHL and UPS, brands are becoming childish (but in a good way). Guerrilla Advertising has always been a fantastic way to elicit an emotional response and create virality with a minimal budget.

For this Guerrilla Marketing idea, DHL utilizes the public exposure of major delivery carriers, such as UPS, to help them promote a key message, “DHL is faster”. By using a temperature sensitive ink, DHL was able to slip on to it’s route. Once the package hit a certain temperature and was introduced to the elements the message became abundantly clear.

As for the box that was shipped, the agency, Jung von Matt/Neckar made sure that it was large enough to display the message as well as make it extremely difficult to handle and deliver.

*Update – “This was not something that was initiated by DHL. The video was created by an external agency for their own internal competition. We were aware in advance of the intention to use it for this purpose. We were not aware of any plans to share it externally.” – DHL

In conclusion, that’s some fantastic guerrilla marketing tactics not authorized by DHL. Props Jung von Matt/Neckar.



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Guerrilla Marketing: DHL Pranks UPS, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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